Aviation News Releases – Tuesday, June 22, 2010

  • Airborne Laser Demonstrating Increased Range
    By Robert Wall, Andy Nativi The Boeing 747-400-based Airborne Laser (ABL) Test Bed for the U.S. military is now firing its high-power chemical laser at three to four times the range seen in the original…
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  • New Hangar For London Oxford Airport
    By Bill BurchellLONDON London Oxford Airport has commenced construction of a new, £3 million 4,440-sq.-meter (47,787-sq.-ft.), three-bay hangar. It will be the largest single facility built at the airport…
    Jun-22 – 2010 | More ->
  • Segro Sells $350 Mln Of Assets To APP Venture
    Industrial property landlord Segro has agreed to sell GBP£237 million (USD$352 million) of assets to its Airport Property Partnership (APP) with Aviva Investors, enlarging its portfolio to GBP£684 million …
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  • BA Pension Deal To Clear Way For Iberia Merger
    British Airways said it had agreed a recovery plan for its GBP£3.7 billion (USD$5.5 billion) pension deficit, potentially removing a final obstacle to its planned merger with Spain’s Iberia …
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  • FAA Finds Cracks On 3 American Airlines 767s
    The US FAA found structural cracks in three of American Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 767 wide body planes during recent safety checks, the Wall Street Journal reported …
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  • Gatwick Airport Owner Plans To Increase Borrowing
    The infrastructure fund which owns a majority stake in London Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport, has plans to increase its leverage on the asset, one of the partners that led its acquisition said on Monday …
    Jun-22 – 2010 | More ->
  • Continental Sees USD$10 Million Forex Loss
    Continental Airlines said it would take foreign exchange losses of about USD$10 million in the second quarter from the decline of the euro and the British pound against the US dollar …
    Jun-22 – 2010 | More ->
  • JAL To End IT Partnership With IBM
    Japan Airlines will terminate a 10-year-old information technology partnership with IBM Japan, as part of its cost-cutting efforts, the Nikkei business daily reported …
    Jun-22 – 2010 | More ->
  • Bidders Prepare For FTH Program
    By Robert WallBerlin Development strategies are crystallizing for a new heavy-lift helicopter with the European Defense Agency release of a request for information and NATO working on turning an alliance…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Hayabusa Capsule Apparently In Good Condition
    By Kazuki Shiibashi TOKYO—The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA) Hayabusa’s asteroid sample return capsule arrived at its Curation Center in Samagihara on June 18. Examining the…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Battle For Cyber-Range: Military Dumps Darpa
    By David A. Fulghum The establishment of a National Cyber-Range looks likely to become yet another victim of Moore’s Law, which says digital technology become antiquated in about 18 months. …
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Remos Investment Boosts Prospects
    By Benet Wilson benet_wilson@aviationweek.com German light-sport aircraft (LSA) manufacturer Remos Aircraft has finalized a corporate expansion program as part of its global market strategy. The LSA…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Students Design Futuristic Flying Rescue Vehicles For NASA Contest
    WASHINGTON — A rotorcraft that resembles a catamaran has taken thetop prize in a NASA aeronautics competition for college students todevelop a multi-purpose aircraft.The entry by ten students at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., met…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • President Obama Proposes Additional Financing For Growth And Jobs
    WASHINGTON — The president submitted to Congress on Friday, June 18, a fiscal year 2011 budget amendment that targets up to $100 milliontoward spurring regional economic growth and job creation in theaerospace industry.The amendment would provide…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Boeing Begins Flight-testing B-1 with New Link 16 Communications
    LONG BEACH, Calif., June 21, 2010 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today announced the start of flight tests for a B-1 Lancer bomber upgraded with new digital avionics for the aft cockpit, including a line-of-sight Link 16 data link. The B-1…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
    Company expands size and scope of Regional Distribution Center in Singapore as part ofstrategic improvements to customer service in the regionSão José dos Campos, June 21, 2010 – Coinciding with the Company’s tenth anniversary in Singapore, Embraer…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Orion Workers Shed, Capsule Redefined
    By Jefferson Morris Lockheed Martin is trimming its Orion spacecraft workforce by 20% as it works with NASA to redefine the vehicle as a crew rescue capsule for International Space Station crews. …
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • JAL Applies For ATI For Deal With AMR
    By Bradley Perrett Japan Airlines has asked the Japanese government for antitrust immunity for its proposed deepening of cooperation with American Airlines between North America and Asia. The…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • GE Challenges Gates On F136 Performance
    By Graham Warwick General Electric is challenging statements by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136 alternate engine does not meet the performance requirements of…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Yemenia, Atlasjet Choose Turkish Technic
    By Frank Jackman frank_jackman@aviationweek.com Turkish Technic has won contracts to overhaul Boeing 737-800 landing gear for Yemenia and to repair Hamilton Sundstrand APS 3200 auxiliary power units for…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Garuda In USD$1.5 Bln Funding Talks
    Indonesian flag carrier Garuda is in talks with the US Export-Import Bank for USD$1.5 billion of financing for planned purchases of Boeing aircraft, said Garuda’s President Emirsyah Satar on Monday …
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • ANA To Buy 15 MRJ Jets For USD$763 Mln
    All Nippon Airways said it would buy 15 jets from Mitsubishi Aircraft for about JPY¥69.2 billion (USD$763 million), in a boost to Japan’s fledgling project to enter the regional jet market …
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Fraport Looking For Acquisition Targets
    Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport is looking for possible acquisition targets in mature markets, a German newspaper quoted the company’s chief financial officer as saying …
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Competitors Vie For Military Helicopters
    By Robert Wall, Andy NativiBerlin, Berlin The German military’s appetite for new military rotorcraft is creating a stir throughout the U.S. and European helicopter industry, with an unusual number of…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->
  • Ad Astra Ponders Vasimr Mission To Asteroid
    By Mark CarreauHouston Ad Astra Rocket Co. is assessing a cooperative unmanned rendezvous mission to a yet-to-be-selected asteroid with a spacecraft and scientific payload powered by the experimental…
    Jun-21 – 2010 | More ->

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