Aviation News Releases – Wednesday, March 31, 2010

  • Malaysia Airlines orders 17 A330s
    Order covers passenger aircraft plus new freighter modelMalaysia Airlines has placed a firm order with Airbus for 17 A330 widebody aircraft. The contract firms up a previously announced Memorandum of Understanding for 15 A330-300 passenger aircraft, plus an additional order for two A330-200F Freighters for operation by the carrier’s subsidiary MASkargo. Deliveries of the passenger aircraft will begin in the first half of 2011, with the first freighter joining the MASkargo fleet later…
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  • Court Action Keeps Epic Auction in Play
    By James E. Swickard james_swickard@aviationweek.com Late yesterday afternoon, a Portland, Ore., judge gave an association of seven owners of Epic kit-built airplanes, several of which are locked up in the Epic facility in various stages of completion, another chance to present their case for purchasing the assets of bankrupt Epic Air. The assets of the Bend, Ore., plane maker were assumed to be sold to Chinese company, China Aviation Industry General…
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  • U.S. Navy Wants To Field Cyber-Attack System
    By David A. FulghumWashington In 2018, the U.S. Navy hopes to take a major step toward fielding a cyber-attack system on a tactically survivable, fighter-size aircraft. Although researchers are cautious about discussing their cyberwarfare and electronic attack projects, one company states that it is “developing a weapon system that can deliver cyber-effects …
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  • NASA Mars Spacecraft Snaps Photos Chosen by Public
    WASHINGTON — The most powerful camera aboard a NASA spacecraftorbiting Mars has returned the first pictures of locations on the RedPlanet suggested by the public.The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, or HiRISE camera,aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, or MRO, is nicknamed, “thepeople’s camera.” Through a program called HiWish that began inJanuary, scientists have received approximately 1,000 suggestions.The first eight images of areas the public selected are availableonline…
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  • Boeing to Recognize Charge Associated With Health Care Law
    CHICAGO, March 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) today announced that it expects to recognize an income tax charge of approximately $150 million as a result of the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as modified by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. Beginning in 2013, Boeing will no longer be able to claim an income tax deduction related to prescription drug benefits provided to retirees and reimbursed under the Medicare Part D retiree…
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  • Boeing Licenses XR700 Solar Power Technology to Stirling Energy Systems
    SEAL BEACH, Calif., March 30, 2010 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] and Stirling Energy Systems (SES) have formed a strategic partnership to complete the commercialization and deployment of Boeing’s XR700 high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) solar power technology. Through a licensing agreement with Boeing, SES has acquired the sole rights to develop, manufacture and deploy the HCPV product globally. SES will lead the commercialization process, with Boeing providing technical program…
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  • Official: New NASA Vision Change In Method
    By Jefferson Morris NASA’s abandonment of the Constellation program represents a “change in approach and philosophy,” but not a change to the ultimate goal of sending human explorers into the Solar System, according to the agency’s number two exploration official. The Obama administration plans to terminate the Constellation program …
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  • Bombardier, Chinese Lessor Strike Deal
    By Robert Wall Bombardier is tapping the Chinese financial markets to help secure aircraft deliveries. The move is the latest sign of how important Chinese financial institutions have become to closing the perceived hole in aircraft delivery financing since several western banks reduced their activity or exited the business all altogether …
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  • Schwartz: KC-X Competition Benefits Taxpayers
    By Amy Butler It would be in the interest of taxpayers to allow EADS North America an extension of the U.S. Air Force’s due date for KC-135 replacement bids if the company is serious about entering the competition, Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz says. Pentagon officials say they are open to a 90-day extension to the May 10 proposal deadline …
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  • Traffic Almost Back To Pre-Downturn Level
    By Adrian Schofield adrian_schofield@aviationweek.com Demand on global routes continued to strengthen in February, and the International Air Transport Association predicts that traffic will soon be back to pre-recession levels. Traffic was up 9.5% year-on-year in February, with cargo up 26.5%. While these are strong gains, IATA stresses a favorable comparison …
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  • JAL Deepens Restructuring
    By Bradley Perrett Japan Airlines will contract more than originally planned, with further routes to be canned, Boeing 747s to be retired earlier and job losses to increase by about 20%. Under pressure from the government and creditors to restructure itself more thoroughly, the ailing carrier will make a second attempt at designing …
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  • Challenges And Opportunities In Cybersecurity
    By Graham WarwickWashington It is a battle that is being fought every second of every day. A battle in which the attackers are unseen and often undetected and the victims unaware and often unwilling to publicly acknowledge their defenses have been breached. This is the ongoing conflict between cyberwarfare and its alter ego cybersecurity …
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  • Pilatus Outsources PC-12 Work To Poland
    By Robert Wall wall@aviationweek.comLONDON Pilatus Aircraft has come to terms with Poland’s PZL Swidnik to build fuselage and wing cells for the PC-12 turboprop business aircraft. Pilatus says it canvassed a large number of suppliers before opting for the AgustaWestland-owned company …
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  • Constellation Continues As Congress Debates
    By Frank Morring, Jr. and Michael BrunoWashington The Obama administration’s effort to kill NASA’s Constellation Program has much of the agency’s workforce, except its attorneys, worried about their jobs. In testimony on Capitol Hill, top NASA managers are walking a thin and carefully lawyered line as they prepare a White House-ordered shift …
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  • Eurocopter Expands Maintenance In Chile
    By Lee Ann Tegtmeier leeann_tegtmeier@aviationweek.com The Aviation Authority of Chile (DGAC) certified Eurocopter’s training center in Chile, making it the first Eurocopter-approved training center in the southern portion of South America. The center offers initial and recurrent maintenance courses on EC120, AS350 B3, AS355 NP, EC130 B4, EC135, BK117 and BO105, as well civilian and military pilot training …
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  • ST Engineering Secures USD$750 Mln Jet Air Deal
    Singapore’s ST Engineering said on Wednesday its ST Aerospace unit has secured a USD$750 million engine maintenance contract from India’s Jet Airways …
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  • US Probes Near Collision Of Airliner, Small Plane
    US aviation safety investigators said on Tuesday they are looking into why a commercial jet and a small light plane came within about 300 feet of colliding over San Francisco on Saturday …
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  • BA-Iberia Merger To Be Signed Soon
    British Airways said it would not sign a merger agreement with Spanish airline Iberia on Wednesday, although a deal to create the world’s third largest airline by revenue deal will be sealed soon …
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  • Airbus Clinches USD$3.6 Bln Malaysian Order
    Airbus won an order worth USD$3.6 billion at list prices from Malaysia Airlines, more than doubling its 2010 tally in a year where deals have so far proved scarce …
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  • Cebu Air Defers IPO To After Elections
    The Philippines’ Cebu Air on Wednesday said it had deferred its PHP25.7 billion pesos (USD$565 million) initial public offering to after national elections in May, knocking down shares of its parent …
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  • Singapore Air Tops Survey Of World Flights
    Singapore Airlines has topped an Australian survey as the best airline to fly with internationally, while British Airways trailed with the lowest satisfaction rating for flights from Australia to Britain …
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  • AirAsia Says Q1 Load Factor Rises
    Asian budget carrier AirAsia is on track to achieve double-digit passenger growth this year as demand grew in the first-quarter from a year ago …
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  • SAS Sees Q1 Loss, Cost Cuts On Schedule
    Scandinavian airline SAS said it expected a first-quarter loss of SEK1 billion Swedish kronor (USD$139 million) as it pushed ahead with drastic cost cuts aimed at making it profitable by 2011 …
    Mar-31 – 2010 | More ->
  • WestJet Code-Sharing May Start With Delta
    WestJet Airlines is starting discussions with other carriers on partnerships to expand its travel network, and talks with Delta Air Lines could be first, a WestJet spokesman said …
    Mar-31 – 2010 | More ->
  • British Airways Strike Nears End
    British Airways cabin crew entered their final day of strikes on Tuesday, as unions and the airline’s management called for renewed negotiations to avoid further industrial action …
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